Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Not in Vain

It's not in vain
It's not vain
Serving God is not in vain

So give yourself completely
To the work of the Lord
Let nothing move you be firm
In the power of our God
Hold to the hope
You profess unswervingly
For the One who promised
Will keep you faithfully

It's not in vain
It's not in vain
Serving God is not in vain

Some may say in their pride
Serving God is futile
Why go about in mourning
As sinners prosper all the while
Yet let us who fear the Lord
Continue on
A scroll of remembrance is written
For those who honor God

Keep serving, keep looking up
For there is a harvest, if you don't give up

It's not in vain
It's not in vain
Serving God is not in vain

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For my sake

In righteousness you came
In holiness you lived
A blameless Lamb you were
In your sacrifice
Not a tiny stain of sin
Not a single careless word
Not even on impure thought
In your mind

You became sin, for our sake
And by your blood erased mistakes
And made us into God's righteousness
We're perfect forever, being shaped in holiness

We promise to remain
Connected to the Vine
Father as you keep us
Standing firm in Christ
We know your promises
Are "Yes!" in Jesus name,
By Him we say "Amen!"
And walk on in your strength

You have,
Formed us and called us
Justified and chosen us
Qualified, glorified us
Purposed only good things for us!

You became sin, for our sake
And by your blood erased mistakes
And made us into the Father's righteousness
We're perfect forever, being shaped in holiness
Daughters forever, ever singing His praise
Sons in His Family, ever singing His praise.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

If I can ______, it's because You _______

If I can breathe easy today
It's because you were heaving that day.
If I run to my home in eternity
It's because you limped your way to Calvary.
If I can, in faith, reach for something with my hands
It's because to the cross you attached your arms.
If I can see the Father with eyes that were once blind
It's because tears for me blinded your eyes.
If my ears are open and to your words I listen
It's because you were deafened with shouts of "crucify Him!"
If my heart is healed, it's because yours was broken.
If my yoke is light, it's because you took mine, when I was heavy-laden.
If I have peace, it because you were punished for me.
If I have joy, it's because you were sorrowful unto death for me.
If I have love, it's because you endured the hate of the enemy.
If I am pure, it's because you became filthy for me.
If I have light, it's because you overcame the darkness.
If I am clean, it's because you took all of my mess.
If I have life, it's because you defeated death.
If I have freedom, it's because you gave up yours.
If I am righteous, it's because you became sin.
It's because you left heaven, that I can go in.
If I have no fear, it's because of your love!
Your love! Your love! Your love, O Jesus!
O Golgotha! O Gethsemane! O Calvary!
How much I owe to the grace of the One
Who suffered through your stations!
In all my years, never have I known a love so powerful!
Pre-destined before creation, yet manifested in creation
It changes me, a soul that was once dark and lost.
Then it lifts me to a glory
surpassing that period of Eden's story,
Before sin destroyed Adam and Eve's identity.
Foolish though I was, choosing evil over good,
The Father saw my need,
Looking past my sin in His mercy!
He Sent His Son, who willingly laid down His life
And covered the multitudes of my sin with His love.
And if when He comes I can see Him face to face,
It's all entirely, absolutely, all because of His grace!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Till Sweet Jesus

Though I live now in bountiful peace
There was a time when my soul knew no ease
Where the tears of my pain
I felt were flowing in vain
Till sweet Jesus, He turned it to gain

All because,

He loves me and He gave Himself for me
In pain I shall never know
His life-giving blood did flow
In love that shall never cease
To amaze me as long as I live!

Though I live now bountiful hope
There were days when I never could cope
With the guilt and the shame
That brought darkness and hate
Till sweet Jesus gave me grace instead

Though I live now in freedom from sin
There were times when I always gave in
In temptations I'd find
Myself in sin's strong bind
Till sweet Jesus He gave me His mind

Though I live now to declare His name
I was once ashamed of the same
But He showed me a city
Laid in eternity
Then sweet Jesus to the world sent me

And tell them,

He loves you and He gave Himself for you
O come taste this love that has dared
To love you in spite of your hate
Come no matter how low you have sunk
There's no place where His love can't be found!

He loves us and He gave Himself for us
In pain that we'll never know
His life-giving blood for us did flow
In love that shall never cease
To amaze them us long as we live!

Monday, March 2, 2015

A story of a prodigal daughter

I loooooove the story of the parable of the prodigal son, because in so many ways it is my story. While I was a long way off, my God and Father saw me and my distress. He ran to me; He embraced me and kissed me, while I was still my filthy, smelly self. And while I made excuses for everything that was wrong with me, the mistakes I had made, the wrong paths I had taken, I have heard Him speak over my words as he announced a feast in celebration of my coming back home. While I asked to be made His slave, I have instead heard his music, his singing, his dancing and celebrating over me. While I spoke of my sins against Him, I have instead watched Him laugh in joy and put a robe on  my shoulders and a ring over my fingers. While I hesitated to walk into the house that was once my home, I have smelled the aroma of a fattened calf and all the delicious food being prepared in my honor! And it was quite a sight! I shall never forget the great love that God lavished upon me that day - in spite of my rebellion He called me his child (1 Jn 3:1)! Glory to God! Hallelujah! Oh, if only you knew the darkness, the sorrow, the loneliness, the condemnation, the pain, the sheer agony, the hatred of existence, the despondency, the giving up, and finally the resolve on my part, not to fight the darkness, but to live in with my pain day after day having believed that the rest of my life would be this way. If only you knew my pain. I had believed that God was punishing me, that His forgiveness was big, but just not big enough for my sins. If only you knew my distress. But may be you do know it, though I hope it's history for you. 
I tell you, I can still remember that cloudy day when I wept on floor and told God that even though I thought I could go on living like this, with an everlasting guilt looming over my life, which I deeply believed to be the punishment of God over me for my sins, I couldn't. I literally could not go on living like this but bear with me just a few moments - there is a twist in the story! Like I was saying, I needed him to take the darkness away because, I thought I could bear it but I realized I couldn't. How do you live hating yourself everyday and pretending to everyone around about the fact that you are DYING everyday?! My wounds were invisible to everyone. It even felt like they were invisible to God, but that day I cried out so honestly, so deeply, with such desperation and a need of deliverance. I don't remember all that I said - only that I cried out to God with all of my heart with great humility. The burden was really, really, really, really heavy and my soul just had all about it could carry. And that day as I laid myself bare before God, the presence of my Father filled the room. Though had started running to me the moment I had made my prayers for relief, that day, that day right there, in that moment in room, that was the embrace. That day was the freedom from oppression. That day was healing from my infirmities. That day was the day where Christ and I exchanged yokes. That day was day when the dark clouds that covered the skies did nothing to stop the light of the Son of God from shining through the clouds of my life. That day was the day when I learned that desperation and humility create room for God to bring healing. I felt His presence all around me, as strong and bold as the darkness that was terrorizing me everyday. I felt His touch! And I literally mean it when I say I felt His touch! He touched me!
Do you know, in so many ways it was like the woman who touched the hem of Jesus garment after trying everything else, she tried God and power went out and healed her. That's what happened to me, except, He's the one who touched me. I stayed there for some time and then I got up from the floor, and with the lingering presence of the hand of God, I went about my day . I went to bed that night and when I woke up the next morning, it was a different Erome. Don't ask me to explain how it happened. All I know is, there was no depression, no darkness, no pain, no hatred of my self, no bitterness, no vilifying of God - just praises that I didn't have to live in misery for the rest of my life, praise that God was a true and living God and that He had heard my prayers! There was a God in heaven that hears me! God had lifted up my head up and I was now living in joy! He had lifted me from the miry pit and sat me on the Rock! He had poured oil over my head right in front of the enemy! I just couldn't believe that number of scriptures and promises of God that had come true in my life! That's way I love the parable of the prodigal son, because it is also my story. It can be your story if it is not already. You don't have to live by squandering your life. Believe me, the people who help you squander it will also be the ones who will let you feed on the pods of pigs and give you nothing, though they were ready to use up your everything! But God! Oh but with my God my friend - you don't have to live in agony or depression or pain for the rest of your life, You are NOT meant to live in such darkness as a Christian. You are made for joy, for freedom, for hope for gladness (Phil 4:4-7). The Word says that Jesus went about doing good and delivering those that were under the power of Satan (Acts 10:38) and he wants to rescue and deliver you and anyone that would tell you otherwise is an agent of evil.
It does not matter that your chains feel strong, only that one stronger than those chains has seen your pain, and as you make your way back home, He is already running toward you, to deliver you, and though His deliverance feels like it's not coming at all, it will come! God is not slack in fulfilling His promises. He already says that He has come out of His sanctuary to rescue you. "He will respond to the prayer of the destitute. He will not despise their plea. Let this be written for a future generation (that's YOU!!), that a people not yet created (that's YOU!!) might praise the Lord: The Lord looked down from His sanctuary on high, from heaven He viewed earth, to hear the groans of the prisoners and release those condemned to death" Ps. 102: 17-20. If that doesn't sum it up, I don't know what else does. Your pain is clear to you now, but God designed and destined your deliverance before you were even born. So I tell you, just wait on the Lord and take heart. You WILL come to know His embrace. Those are not mere words. They are fact. They are the very promise from God.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thinking on God after a sweet hour of prayer

Thank you Jesus for this sweet time. Thank you for this hour of peace. Thank you for these moments of rest. Thank you for your goodness and grace. Your kindness is not motivated by my goodness. Your endless giving is not because I can pay you back. Your mercy is stronger than any of my sins and newer than any new wrong turns I have taken. Your light know no bounds. It shines into the most hidden places and darkest corners of my life. Your wisdom is limitless and far beyond my understanding. Your judgement is so deep, unflawed and unfathomable. And Oh! Your love! Your love is like a mighty mountain - immovable, unshakable, strong. I could search it up and down or sideways and across and each time, there are fewer words available to me to describe its magnificence. Each time more tears spill out, and each time the amazement I feel gets deeper. It not only covers my failures, it makes up for them and does much more in and through a wretched person like me - much more than could ever be imagined our understood. You are a good God. You are good all the time and all the time you are, O, so good!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

He Shed His Blood - Addisu Werku

"I am person for whom God has done much. But of all the things that He has done for me, the big thing that captivates my life is His love, eternal life. People ask me "why do your songs always go to the cross?" But what other story do we have? But what other story do we have? To get things? You can get things outside of the cross. You can find health outside of the cross. There are many who are better than us and have more than we do. There are many who are not Christians that can say they have more. But we have been given eternal life! Praise God! I don't follow God for a hamburger or a house or money, but for eternal life! Praise God! That's what has captivated me. A few months after I received the Lord, since I was very hard-headed, I started asking "why do I follow the Lord?" So I fasted and prayed about it. I was young and wanted to certain of the answer, because I saw the many places I could be. While I was fasting and praying God took me to one place. When the Lord Jesus Christ died, there were people around. There were. His mother and disciples were there. So were his enemies. And I placed my self there at that scene. What would I do knowing He died for me on that cross? What would I say? Me beneath the cross as He died and I was saved, is a scene that is engraved in my life forever. Now that scene has been engraved on my heart and in my life like a painting. So now when I think of the Lord and I want to sing, that is all I see because it is the reason I have eternal life. Praise the Lord! He can save people like us. And if you ask me why I sing? Like David I say I will praise the Lord all of my life with all of my praises. Even with a shaky voice, I'll praise Him with what He's given me. The beauty of a voice is a gift of God but God looks at the heart and our life. If the fruit of our life is not good what is the point? That is why I sing what I have come to learn from my life. And I have learned that Jesus is truly Lord and truth and a friend to us. He has carried us and brought us this far because of His mighty strength. Praise the Lord! Let us follow Him to the end. We won't lack anything and even if we do, it's nothing as long as we have Him. So I won't sing about what I have and I don't have. He has blessed me and that is all good. But I want to sing about Jesus for we have no story but the story we have in Christ." Singer Addisu Werku ( 

Below is an English translation of a song written by this Ethiopian Christian brother. I have been listening to Ethiopian songs and translating them to English because they're messages are so amazing. I hope you find comfort in this just as I did :-).

So far had my soul steered
From the way of the Lord
I had greatly transgressed
All the laws of my God
But my savior on high
Gave me mercy and love
He Sent His only Son to save me

He shed His blood and He rescued me
He shed His blood and He rescued me
Worthless though I maybe
With no knowledge of Him
Yet He sent His own Son to save me

By the time He arrived
There was no hope in me
But He spoke to my soul
Saying He’d set me free
Then He lifted me up
Clothing me with glory
He sent His only to Son to save me

Ever since He chose me
Joy fills all of my heart
Now when heavy winds blow
In him I always hide
If I lean on His arm
There’s no need to fear harm
For He sent His own Son to save me

Such great heavenly joy
And peace are given me
That’s why all of my life
Lord I pour out for thee
Won’t you now hold my hand
And with you make me stand
For you came down to earth and saved me